WNA is a casual and competitive hang out that's crazy different from all others before. We have a variety of streamers dedicated to doing giveaways, a friendly staff, and the bounty system for Ninjala that can get you awesome monetary prizes. Our systems allow everyday people to rise up through the ranks, and we just want you in our team so we can spit gum at each other.

We may be late to the scene, but our ninja gum technique can knock your lights out clean. Join the academy to learn Ninjatech and complete bounties for a chance to win season passes and skins. We'll Also be hosting seasonal tournaments for rank ups, Goofy fun, and awesome prizes. We're also looking to partner with big or small groups, because that's what gaming is all about, connecting, and beating the living snuff out of each other. So join WNA academy and be a student your parents can be proud of!