Disclaimer: The Queen Diamond as depicted in this piece of lore is NOT the same Queen Diamond in Darkstalker. She is not related to any queens in canon, as this universe is an AU, where none of the canon characters ever existed. Thank you.

In a world where canonical characters such as the DoD, or the jade winglet never existed, the main tribes of pyrrhia still exist here. Icewings, Nightwings, Mudwings, Sandwings, Seawings, Rainwings, And Skywings. These tribes conquered the scavengers, or humans, many moons, and years ago. However, while the tribes were living in peace, an event occurred, what many call, Diamond’s Falling. Queen Diamond of the icewings had two beautiful heirs, both of whom held great power over the kingdom. However, one day, a band of sandwings and Mudwings came to Diamond while she was on a diplomatic trip, one of whom was a royal, who lured her in. They assassinated Queen Diamond and slipped away into the night, leaving everyone confused not as too how she died, but who would be the new queen of the Icewings?
The IceWing tribe, now split in half, some siding with one sister, some the others. The sisters split off, one sister living in the ice palace, one far far away on the other side of the continent, alone. These sisters are beginning to gather an alliance with the other 6 tribes of pyrrhia, wanting to get the biggest strategic and combat advantages over their sisters. They usually tried to get the Mudwings, or the Rainwings on their side, considering the Rainwings had the strongest military on pyrrhia, and could overpower at least 2 other kingdoms combined at the point where they were, that’s at least what the tales had told.
And thus, here you are, in the world of Diamond’s Falling. Will you be an IceWing Princess, an Animus trying to live peacefully, a queen trying to choose a side. All will be uncovered as the story continues...

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