The war of Inora was a war that lasted thousands of years. Killing millions between the kingdom of Faye, their allies, and the kingdom of Findara. The kingdom of Findara believed they had the right to rule all the land with an iron fist and a plan that would hurt more than help. After many months of struggling the king of angles agreed to help as long as they could marry into the Kingdom of Faye. The kingdom agreed and won the war the kingdom and citizens of Findara were exiled and seen as traitors in the kingdoms around it. This led to many attempts on the Royalty of Faye kingdom’s life and some attempts on the other kings and queens of the surrounding kingdoms. However, in the shadows of hundreds of years, the kingdom of Findara grew in the shadows and sent spies that now live in the land of Faye to spy on the queen and her royal friends and advisers so they can make their moves. Hundreds of years after the way the kingdom of Faye has been the main kingdom with the most power. After 32 years of ruling the new Queen, Queen Apsara Orawell, has ruled for six peaceful years however with the new changes she brings means some of her own people will resist the change along with the spies from the kingdom of Findara. The kingdom of Faye is known for its technology which benefits its own citizens and their allied kingdoms. Faye’s closest Allie is a kingdom called Cantrick which is a kingdom on the water which provides power and most of the aquatic food to the land of Inora. The Queen of Cantrick and the Queen of Faye are very close friends who work hard together as the two strongest kingdoms to hep the land of Inora to prosper and become beautiful.