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"According to the historic book, this is how it began...

A flash of light flooded the empty void. And then, there were two peoples. Lightened, and Humans. Legend has it the Lightened lived in the sky. Though, nobody can prove this today. Humans, however, lived in a giant, endless pine wood that had 'a lovely ocean breeze wherever you went.' The Humans built a village in the forest, where the breeze was calmer, and where there was a clearing as well. The name of the one announced leader, Aerpei, had the village named after him after his untimely death. It is said he grew ill. The Humans then lived peaceful village lives, until the Lightened came.

The Lightened came to they village in peace. They seemed nice people, and everyone agreed that they were trustworthy. They brought gifts, such as food unlike any food they have ever seen, glistening stones, and they had a feast. However, something happened that day, and to this day we do not know what. All we know is that soon, there were three peoples.

Darkened, figures that are 'the opposite of the Lightened and the Bane of All' begun to attack both peoples. Humans fought valiantly, as well as Lightened. Many casualties were the consequence of this battle. And the Darkened had fled to save themselves. The Lightened had given the humans weapons of a sort that isn't yet understood. Halos that float above their heads, that act as blades when grabbed, and hold a strange magic. A spear that can duplicated and be controlled by the ones who hold it. Swords that act as boomerangs. Axes that send magical waves that cut through almost anything. Things that amazed the Humans. The Lightened weren't worried they would become corrupt, somehow they knew Humans were, at that time, at least, pure.

Alas, this is where the book ends. We don't know for sure what happened from there. But now, Lightened live with the Humans, and Darkened live in the sky, in another realm. This is where we are now. At constant war with a hostile nation.

However, there stands a legend that a human will arrive from the wood, have no idea where she is or how she got there, and be the key to peace for all."