**__The Roman Empire__**

**Join the elite ranks of the Empire and experience Roman prestige! You can do the following in our server; This is a purely alternative history server, that has reached this point due to player actions. It originally started as the Roman Republic circa 350 BCE.**

:classical_building: - ***Participate in elections and get to high government offices, discuss and debate on legislation. Make laws that benefit the Empire and gain support, create parties and create a path to power!***

:moneybag: - ***Earn money, create businesses, get rich. You can buy property and become a rich and influential Roman Citizen.***

:military_medal: - ***Take charge of the elite Roman Legions and expand the borders of Rome and it's glorious empire!***

:crossed_swords: - ***Become an influential member of society and forge the politics of Rome, leading it to a stable and prosperous Empire or maybe seek other alternatives... who knows?***

*We also offer much much more within our server!*