Is me and my friends own JoJo-inspired universe. With a completely unrelated world and the only relating factor being stands and unique characters at every corner, don't worry if you have no clue what JoJo is as all needed information is explained within the server. This is the basic premiss of the RP currently..

Set in 2005: London, England. The streets are cold and sour as an underground civil war continued to dwell inside the heart of the queens country capital. A gang war amongst the two biggest and strongest criminal organisations in England has been taking place for 2 decades now and London continues to be the battlefield of these ruthless mobsters.

These two gangs hate each other for countless reasons but what they want most to win this gang war is a precious and mystical flower known as Diablos Rose. Found deep in the amazon jungle this rose has mysterious and unknown origins but what is known is that Diablos Rose can save you from death and then make sure that you won’t die again...

With much more in-depth lore to be read and involve yourself in that you'll have to join the server to discover ;)

Come on and join to meet the other role-players and server dwellers who all have there own interesting personalities, characters and stands. Our server is rather small and new but as long as we have a rather small list of active, unique members than I'm happy so if you are feeling kind and want to give this young RP enthusiast a chance and see if you enjoy my server - RF