Zombots, also referred to as the infected, is a term that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It refers to animals who have been infected by the Metal Virus and had their infection reach its apogee.

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[ Story updates: ]
One year time skip!
Shadow is the new G.U.N commander with Rouge as second in command. Everyone has settled into their peaceful lives. Sally proposes to Nicole. During the build-up to the wedding, Breezie tells Tri to pull a nasty and cancel Sonic, Shadow, and Amy. Sonic and Shadow fight over what Tri said as Sonic. Breezie also asks to broadcast Sally and Nicole’s wedding, and they agree. But things are still awkward between Shadow and Amy, and Sonic didn’t show up. Soon after, Shadow and Amy patch things up. But now it’s time to catch the shapeshifter. Rouge devises a plan in which she pretends to lose her title and causes some havoc. This successfully lures in Tri, and she takes them to G.U.N custody. Remember Shadow and Amy? Shadow proposed! Then the gang decided to relax on the beach. Cool right? But then Breezie announces Sonic and Shadow are fighting each other on live TV despite never agreeing to it. Breezie manipulates them both. Eggman teamed up with Breezie and showed her his latest project. - The Zombie Virus - and he used Finitevus as a test subject which proved successful. Day of the match, Sonic and Shadow are fighting like they just don’t care before Breezie interrupts them, exposed all of the ‘questionable’ acts the heroes have done to make the public hate them. Then Eggman shows up in his fancy new ship, everyone is shocked and upset, and then dumps the virus. Silver and Amy get infected and now mostly everyone get more desperate to find the cure. Peace don’t last long. Now it’s apocalypse time.