It seems you have found us. Take this as your chance to join one of the most chill anime communities you are gonna find.

Why should you join?

~DISCLAIMER: The purpose of the server is not that of a hentai server, it just has a few channels for the purpose of sharing and you can only see those channels if you have a special role.~

First of all, we have a lot of hentai and a fair amount of hentai bots. The hentai is mostly user uploaded which means higher quality (most of the time)

That is not the only reason, we also have tons of anime bots like isekai maid, ramen, mudae, shoob, karuta and much more.

We also have userphone provided by yggdrasil.

We also have active mods who are actually friendly and not like the stereotypical narc. By the way, we hire users to become mods from time to time and if you are good enough at your job you can possibly get the highest obtainable rank of elite moderator.

Also the owner, me, writes on wattpad you probably haven't heard of me but my book is titled "The Dark Dragon Emperor".