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Âmes Solitaires
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• revamped/revived server from 2017-18
• stray dogs with limited slots for humans/wolves/wolfdogs/coydogs/etc
• member driven, literate, setting and plotlines
• friendly staff, hoping to have a big friendly community
• open to partnerships!
• open to suggestions and ideas
• member made packs and two groups to chose from (1 introduced later)
• hoping to have monthly events in the future
• other fun stuff, so don't be shy!

"Set within a small town Brașov, Romania, the town is slowly loosing it's population. Soon-to-be a ghost town, the feral and non-feral stray population has increased. Tourists are becoming rarer and rarer, the town is losing funds...people are leaving for a better life. Those who stay will have to deal with the soon 'dog explosion' when a certain family moves in to investigate the decaying city.

Will you live out your life alone, perhaps with a friend or two. Create a group or try to tango with the large presences that roam the streets? It's up to you, this is your story."