⚔️ 18+ ERP medieval-fantasy ⚔️
🎲 Custom fighting and economy system 🎲
💠 OC with stat-building 💠
📚 Semi-lit/lit 📚
🍕 Slice-of-life elements 🍕
🚫 Carefully selected participants 🚫
🌈 LGBTQ+ and Kink friendly 🌈

From the handbook:

"Sommerbach is a Discord ERP/DnD (18+ and Non-Con) server: a mixture of text role play and Tabletop RPG elements which leads to a unique adventuring experience!

The town of Sommerbach is recovering from its recent destruction by an invasion of creatures - some that still exist in dungeons in the local area!

Players are able to migrate to Sommerbach as adventurers, merchants, cooks, or even as a local whore! Your character is your own and your journey awaits in Sommerbach! Help us clear dungeons, complete difficult quests, slay horrid monsters, return the town to its former glory, and much more!"