✭―『Yozora』― ☾ (Japanese for night sky)
⊱Hello! we are a ever growing community server whith the main goal of giving our friendly and welcoming community a safe place to stay, chat, and hang out!

⊱We have perks like:
⋄A own Minecraft survival server.
⋄Color roles and normal roles to express urself
⋄A clean and nice setup look.
⋄Cool anime emotes.
⋄A verry active community when it comes to bots like Mudae or Waifucord
⋄An economy system that rewards you with roles.

⊱But none of that compares to the real biggest perk of the server, which is its community, trust me, you will love it here, everyone is friendly and welcoming!
🌟 『Yozora』 🌙