Hey There!
The Cloud Cafe is a really new cafe themed discord server. I just wanted to create a fun hangout server people could socialize and make friends in.

We have community events and fun active bots, a gaming channel, music channel and support channels as well (if you would like to just talk to someone or instead lend a listening ear). We also have 'Daily Bread' Channels for anyone interested in more religious channels, short teachings to listen to and songs that will touch your spirit 💜❤

Although this is still a new server, feel free to look around while i work on gaining new members and growing the server. This is my first server and I am still getting used to running one. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

I look forward to seeing you!

ps: this server is really new and kind of quiet currently but don’t get discouraged! It wont be this way for too long
Find us here! https://discord.gg/2JY9aeW