The year is 2079. Forty years ago, the world in a sense ended in a great flash of fire and chaos. Some say it was caused by the great powers before the war while others believe a hail of fire fell from the sky but no one truly knows or cares anymore. Most people who did survive the great flash generally did so by small bunkers or sheer luck, the latter mutating horribly to the radiation afterward.

With the fall of the previous powers, the few new survivors of this new world slowly banded together first in gangs, and then into small factions to salvage the resources that the old world held. Few decided to harvest the new world and attempt to continue living a peaceful life while others found it far easier and fun to simply take what they wanted from those they deemed less deserving. These people eventually grew into the major factions we have today.

Factions fight for power in the ruined city of Seattle, to each a beacon of civilization. Mutant animals roam the world, with small groups of people fighting tooth and nail just to see another day. The few settlements that exist are subject to constant bandit and mutant attacks or are under the fist of one of the factions. Even strange robots are beginning to drift in from the Radiation Zones, only adding to the inhabitant's troubles.

Will you bring good or evil to this world? Will you survive or will you perish? Find out here, and know you can change the fate of the world.

⭐ Casual OOC and organized RP
⭐ A custom bot
⭐ Simple rules.
⭐ Interesting factions and wildlife with expanding lore.
⭐ Friendly and involved staff.
⭐ Fun and active users.
⭐ Small tasks/missions for the more casual RPer and more intense faction based quests for more involved Role-players.
⭐ Partnerships!
⭐ Voice chat (of course) with music bot (of course again).
⭐ A simplified, easy to grasp dice and stats system to add intensity and variation to situations.
⭐ A simple character perk system to make your character stronger as they grow.

Come and interact with the staff/members or the RP to forge a cool story. or simply, get some friends, put some characters together, and mess around with the rich and unique world. No matter which you are you're welcome.