Ryuyuzo’s Prideful Academy. Meant for those who are willing to become a Prideful. A person who has courage. Someone who can be trusted in the darkest of nights. They part of a rare part of humanity. “Pride” is what we call the phenomenon of their powers. It’s their pride and hence how it was given it’s name. Being a “Prideful” meant you had a special gift inside you by your bloodline. That gift is mana. Mana is used to create special abilities manifested by the Prideful. The academy was built to help train and master the student’s abilities. Making them famous, high ranking, and very much respected. However, it’s a school to train them specifically in combat. Students have been chosen and some have signed up for what they will face in the school. Missions, teamwork, and bravery. Students have to socialize with one another to survive. It’s a tough job, but it needs to get done. I welcome you to the academy.

Inspired by many anime, I’ve decided to take the best parts into one server. You will experience combat, teamwork, and lots of hosting. A new type of character system and more!