♦️ Currently looking for more Helper and Quest Enforcers.
♦️ LGBTQ Friendly!
♦️ This is not an 18+ Server
♦️ High-Roles are currently open.
♦️ Economy to help with plot progression.
♦️ English Only
♦️ Adding new additions to the server, including lore of the fantasy world so stay tuned!
♦️ Hoping to add more members to the server to advance progression such as a voyage event once there is enough active ocs to start it.
We hope you join, and we await your arrival dear traveler.
Details about the world:
Welcome to the fantasy world of Aesiacia dear traveler! We the gods rule this world, messing with it as we please. Aesiacia is a world of beautiful, chaos, wonder and the unknown. Only a small part of the world have been explored by those who make this world their home. The two countries that have been established are Sanaria and Wraexeonary. Start off as a resident of one of these two countries. Become an adventure or what you please, in this world of new opportunities. Become the villain, or the hero, meet your other half. Start an adventure, meet new friends or even start a party! Find the some where in the wilderness to become your own kingdom. Either way traveler.. Your path is yours to decide with a little problems or help us gods may throw into your path.

Sanaria is the large country of the west, their land is filled with many resources and beautiful lands. Many lakes, rivers, mountains can be easily spotted off of the coast from those sailing to it in the Sennemeda sea. It's capital city is Ethon which is right next to the sea of Sennemeda, which contains docks that many adventures flock to. Currently having the largest population in the world thus far. Many different races call this country home, such as half-dragons elves and the like!

Wraexeonary is a large island mass the smaller of the two countries. Surrounded by the sea of Sennemeda it's cut off from most of the world. Other than when boats from the mainland come into their ports. It's home to mostly stubborn people with their northern portion most of the year being covered in snow. It's also home to a legendary class called the Samurai. The originally homeland of the human race, many of its people have moved to Sanaria.