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Story Thus Far:

The Templars and the Hedge witch safehouses- an eternal war between these two factions raging for the past 400 years. For the Templars this was four centuries of war crimes and merciless killings in the name of Eindallar- The Righteous One. For the Hedges the past 400 years had been hiding and striking from the shadows- holding meetings in secret and forming sects and cults in the darkness to strike out against those who shrouded themselves instead with light. The Templars believed only the holiest amongst themselves worthy of using magic- whereas the hedges used it as the basis for their combat, often mixing in stealth and sabotage.

About 60 years ago, a third faction rose from the burning embers of war. The Akani; as brutal and vicious as they come. The Akani held no stake in the war- instead choosing to profit from it however possible. Most anong their rabks either couldnt use magic or didnt care if it would be used in the new world, and they instead chose to pursue technology and assassinations. Some of them were berserkers, massacring hordes of enemies while deinking in their blood, others assassins, poisoning and attacking without being seen. Their ranks were vast, the only shared theme between them was that they sought profit from the many wars and battles, and could be hired by anyone with enough coin to pay well.