The date was December 16th, 2020. The world has grown used to fairy tales and legends, yet they could never have believed what would happen. People began to feel violent mood swings within concerts and live readings, churches began to glow during sermon, and some even began to understand their pets. This would be the dawn of the new age, as the world was enveloped in magic. Soon the creatures of legend and myth began to make themselves known, and with them center knowledge of magic. As the world began to settle, some realized that they still held onto the magic. They were known as wielders, and it was apparent that they had to be trained. Academies began opening with the intention of training wielders, and understanding more about magical creatures. This is the story of one of those academies. Welcome, to Starlight Academy.
* A magic system that allows for many characters
* Fun lore to rp with
* New and expanding world