Welcome to our 13+ server were u can find people to talk to, to game with and to share some of your pics of memes, anime or hentai. There is an easy to farm waifu's and husbandos channel for the waifu bot just dont spam in there. Its a small server I know and I only mess around with making servers but please enjoy your stay.

1. Be nice to people, no disrespect towards other members or staff.
2. No spamming and no invite links to other servers.
3. No lolicon/shota or any disturbing pics in the server.
4. No politics or religion discussions please.
5. Take it easy with pics in the general text chat, please keep other content like memes, NSFW and irl pics in the correct channels. Bot stuff in the correct channels.
If u break rules then staff will be able to mute or kick you depending on what you did