Welcome to My Hero Academia: Legacy!
This server takes place 25 Years after the reign of the 9th Generation. Aka the era of Deku and Class 1-A! Deku has risen to the #1 spot! All seems right with the world. Although, deep under the surface, a new evil is rising. And it's not an easy evil as well. It seems that AFO has chosen a new successor! No one knows who or why. All they know is that they are forming a new League of Villains! Not to mention that the Yakuza has a new leader! The world seems fine now, but how long will it take until it becomes chaotic again. U.A High is opening its door for the 110th time! Looking for new recruits that can take up the mantle of hero and keep the peace when the 9th Gen dies out. Will you be able to take up the mantle? Or maybe you want to be on the other side, causing chaos and watching the world burn. In this crazy world, you have the power to decide what you want to do.

This server is fairly new, so new content shall be added regularly

This server has many features so you can RP and have fun at the same time!

Story Arcs and an exciting plot to keep everyone busy! Like the sports festival! Or internships!

LGBTQ+ Friendly!

Enticing events weekly!

A supportive and active staff that will help you with anything!

Canon Quirk Claim! You can choose your favorite quirk in the series!

You choose your story! Be a hero! A villain! That decision is up to you

We have so many other things as well besides RP things. Ships. QOTD. All those things etc.

Interested? Join us now!

Owner:* Minoru Mineta🍇 #1421