Liliana is a land where true magic becomes a reality. From the enchanting scenery of the Riland forest to the misty secrets of the Emerald Falls, this land thrives with adventure. Though very modern, this land is ruled by the kingdom of Sibel. This kingdom is where the Emeraldi Crystal is housed. This leads to a new question: what is the Emeraldi Crystal? It is the powerhouse of all magic and life of Liliana, and contains all the magic that has ever been used and magic that has yet to be discovered.
In these amazing lands, every year a huge party is thrown at the kingdom since the birth of Princess Monica, who is rumored to be the great savior of the kingdom, meant to lift the kingdom from a war. Since ten years old, she has already begun to show signs of great power. Now 13, many are out for her hand... Or head. Which will you be? What life will you create in the wonderful world of Liliana?
Liliana: Life Under The Quill is a friendly communnity directed to role-playing, and will welcome anyone interested in a good rp. This is a server that was recently created, but we plan to add a currency system, a store (it's items are going to change from time to time), an inventory system, items and events. We're a growing community, and we would really appreciate your opinions about it so we can improve!

- Currency and inventory system
-The members can create up to 5 different characters
- There are 7 different types of magic. The members can choose not to be a magic user.
- The members have the option of entering a magic school, the army, being outsiders, children, parents, criminals, workers and warriors.
- Housing System (the members can have a dorm, apartment or house, but contacting the owner of the server or an admin is necessary)
- No ERP or NSFW
- Voice chats
- Equal treatment to all members