Mystery of The Wild |:| A Warriors Role-play

If you've read Warriors, are a fan of the books, and enjoy role-play, then this is the server that may match you! But it is also okay if you haven't read the series. We are a friendly community with equality in all sectors

We have five clans, the bold and brave MossClan who live in a mountainous forest territory, the loyal and kind StreamClan who live in a wooded area with a large stream running through, the rugged and hearty Cliffclan who live up on a mountainous ridge that has a hidden lagoon and many caverns, the hardworking and clever Brightclan who live on an abandoned farmland, and Shadeclan the vicious and power hungry. Shadeclan is a two month event that just started and they are trying to take over the 4 original clans.

• LGBT+ friendly!
• Roleplayers of all ages and literature levels!
• Mild swearing.
• Open for partnerships (must be consulted with staff)
• Active staff and members.
• No limit to characters! Just as much as you can handle!
• Fun bots like Pokecord, Littlecloud, and Waifubot!