The glamour and fame that comes with being a superhero is often followed up with a hefty price tag. It's everyone's dream to become a famous cape-wearing shmuck with celebrity endorsements being thrown at them left and right, and a shit-eating grin and a spandex suit that screams "I saved a train from falling off the rails—no biggie," right? Not when it turns into a toxic tar pit where genuine and altruistic folks with a dream to help people find themselves juggling fire.

Welcome to Capes, a superhuman world where superheroes are the new movie stars. Do you have a strong jaw and a cleft chin? How about that and the ability to lift two cars with your legs? Maybe you want to break the mold and help those in need like a Robin Hood on steroids. At the end of it all, the entire world needs help and they're willing to shower you with all the love you want so long as you prove yourself useful.

Travel around the world and put a stop to dastardly foes hellbent on disassembling the world for personal gain. Fight and develop complex theatrical relationships with your rivals.

From folks with sonic screams to alligator-skinned human tanks, explore a roleplay drawing inspiration from favorite franchises like the X-Men, Marvel, Worm and Ward, and more.

Our server offers:
❯ A 16+ environment.
❯ Quality paragraph/multi-paragraph roleplay.
❯ An open-world experience with expansive lore.
❯ The ability to participate in organized events that cater to you as a player.
❯ A welcoming and constructive writing community!