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Welcome to Etherium, home to the five great kingdoms of Laverium, a continent which houses great mages and warriors of all shapes and sizes, with thousands of different creatures and hundreds of races exploring the world and finding their way in life. The four of the five kingdoms lived peacefully with one another, trading and learning more about their world as they worked through the day, yet the fifth only wished to take from others, and to keep what they did not earn. But recently, a new power has entered the fold and taken the kingdom for their own, and time will only tell if they plan to assist those around them and continue the flame of discovery, or do they plan to snuff it own and take everything for their own?

How will your story change this world? Will you seek to discover and learn, or will you cry for war and pillage?


[About the world]
Etherium focuses on the continent of Laverium. In this continent , five kingdoms housed the inhabitants of the continent, and old God granting them powers beyond their wildest dreams, the power to control the elements and more, but with this power came greed and a lust for more. A purging war hundreds of years ago swallowed the world of the citizens, millions of lives lost in mere months before four of the kingdoms managed to create a stable defense. Little is known about the power and the God itself, with many people believing that the power is granted at birth, and later unlocked in the teenage years of the being’s life. The civilizations shrunk from the purge, from the great Empire of Socia, to the old Kingdom of Lolum.

But now, a large aura of mana appeared over the fifth kingdom, a blinding flash of red light fading from the horizon with news soon reaching the ears of the Lords, the words that the hostile kingdom’s ruler has fallen, her life taken by an unknown group who have taken the crown for themselves and locked the palace away from the outside world, including the citizens of their own kingdom, the four rulers have struggled to receive any information on who this mysterious group may be, with no results to be held. Now, only time will tell if they must prepare for war, or for a new ruler to join them.


What we feature:
•: Multiple roleplay channels that flesh out the world of Laverium.
•: Custom races, if you wish to play as a different race, simply submit what you wish to be.
•: Friendly staff members who will assist you wherever they can.
•: Acceptance of any roleplay style.
•: A taming system for capturing and taming the creatures throughout Laverium.
•: A choice to be with or against each of the kingdoms.
•: Five kingdoms with amazing intricate backgrounds.
•: NPCs to RP and interact with.