This is a roleplay about the Undertale Multiverse.
Specifically, all of Existence has collapsed upon itself.
This has resulted in all the universes clashing together.
Essentially, they've now become a scattered puzzle.

Here's a summation of the synopsis:

The Multiverse is a marvelous expanse of creation that knows no bounds. It stretches into the great enormity of space, populated by an untold myriad of different worlds. With such glory forever known, the silent dread of oblivion is but a mere fantasy. Yet in actuality, all that makes the Multiverse so wondrous may indeed be its undoing. Truly, everything has a limit, as the concept of infinity is only an imaginably plausible notion. And whether it can be believed or not, the Multiverse's limitations have far since been exceeded. Now a price must be paid, and it is Chaos.
(Much more detailed synopsis in server.)

Currently, there is still a bunch of characters to choose from.
But even if your desired character is still somehow taken...
You can use your imagination to create your own AU character!
All in all though, this serve is a rather casual place.
You can get to know others and make new friends.
And enjoy some fascinating roleplay.
I hope you decide to join!

Roleplay Sample Required,
Free-Form & Literate Roleplay.