In this rp, the multiverse is collapsing upon itself.
This is due to all of the rapidly spawning AU's.
They're causing the multiverse to rip and tear apart.
It's causing rifts in space to appear, called :"AU-Rifts."
They're splits in reality which appear like vortexes.
Entering one will transport the person to a different universe.
Many of them appear randomly in throughout each universe.
It allows free interaction between all characters & universes.
With enough time though, the multiverse should fix itself.
In the mean time, this is the perfect opportunity for villains.
There's many ways that this all could be taken advantage of.
Such as conquering other universes or just inciting havoc.
Nonetheless, just as there is bound to be antagonists.
There will always be protagonists in each universe.
To shine against the darkness.
(If you'd like to be a main antagonist, message the admin)
Roleplay Sample required.
OC's are not allowed atm, too many.
Many major roles open.
Considerably active.
Still growing at the moment.
Friendly & Welcoming.