Magic Reclaimed

Welcome to a world of fantasy and imagination. This server takes place in a fantastical universe centered on the bustling up and coming town of Keeper’s Bay and the nearby city of UnScene.

Synopsis: Magic was banned and sealed away for 3000 years, however that changed 114 years ago when magic was released into the world once more. It did not re-enter the world as imagined. Instead of being free for use once more, a random number of people were gifted the ability to use magic. However, it is impossible to tell these people apart from normal humans. Many do not even know they are gifted at all. These “Chosen” are the only ones capable of learning magic and are the sole focus of this RP.

This server features:

• Unique lore and setting!
• Storyline driven events!
• Balanced magic system for fair RP while keeping the fun of magic!
• Evolving and changing the world depending on the actions of characters in the RP!
• Balanced RP for both bad guys and good guys!
• A focus on having fun and RP!