Welcome to Harrowing!

This is a monsters roleplay server! We have a nice little community all here to give support for your ideas!

We have out own custom lore thats too long to explain here! Please come take a look around and check us out!

Please don't be upset when submitting characters as we have undergone a massive rework to the server. So we are tighter on rules for characters coming in...

🕯️ We are a new server looking for active roleplayers
🕯️ We strive to be friendly to all
🕯️ Our server will have custom emojis of roleplay characters
🕯️ We are open to ideas
🕯️ We have simple lore and would love to get your input
🕯️ Currently looking for Mods and Gatekeepers
🕯️Custom Emojis
🕯️OC trading and buying!