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We are a brand-new server trying to build a friendly community for adult (18+) trans/trap individuals to hangout and share experiences and make friends! Cis people are welcome to mingle too! Share your music, selfies, art, cool stuff! We have custom role colors and custom roles are available to active members. Build a community with us 💜. This is a free speech server as long as that speech isn't hateful so feel free to relax and be yourself 👯‍♀

Note: Intro channel is marked as NFSW, this is only to reiterate the entire server is 18+

-- Custom roles & colors
-- Server currency, earn server currency by being active!!
-- Server shop, redeem custom commands and perks
-- NSFW channels
-- Voice channel
-- Music channel
-- Selfie channel
-- Interactions (headpats, pouts, and hugs <3)
-- Non invasive bots!
-- Mewbot
-- Minigames
-- General chat channel
and lots more!