Hi and welcome to W O A!!!
W O A is...

⎯⎯↬「Short for World Of Ange」↫⎯⎯

It is a freshly super friendly and non-toxic server. We listen to our members and we try our best for the server to be super great. Apart from trying to make our members happy, we also have:

。Gaming with friends is fun.
。We share funny memes, any type of meme.
。Fun games to pass the time such as "one word story".
。We love to see new art and improvement in it!
。Share your cute pets, it makes people happy you know.
。You can share your selfies if you're photogenic.
。We also have a chat dor people who speak Spanish.
。We can partnership (must agree to partnership rules to do so).
。We lisent to our members, we are all ears!

Hope you will join us to make this server super great! :D