Report Server

Site 19-B is a "Sister" Site to Site 19, located just a few kilometers away from Site 19, the newly built Site 19-B holds the same advance security systems and similar interior layout to it's original

It's able to hold Keter, Euclid, and Safe class SCP's just like it's brother. It's able to host many Foundation Personnel complete with an array of barracks, offices, and cafeterias.

okay, so you can basically rp anyone, your character or a cannon character that isn't already taken or an SCP, again, it can be one that't on the wiki, or one you made.
the jobs include
I'm too lazy to type it but there's a huge list in the server, and if what you want isn't on the list then you can just ask-

this is one of those rp servers where each place is a different channel.
also there's some fun stuff like meme channels and whatnot
and stupid commands I made.

there's a time zone thingy, so you can tell what time it is for everyone, and so coordinating events and stuff is easier.
speaking of roles and stuff, there's roles for like everything, this includes ooc roles, and rp roles.
we even have those fancy react role menu things.
there's a bunch of dumb meme channels too and its gonna be real fun once the server gets more then like 4 people.

so join this server you won't regret it

I'm prolly gonna change this lazy description later.