This is a fantasy roleplaying server that focuses around the kingdoms of Terros & Talis, who currently are at odds with one another. Humans are the oppressed race despite being the most intelligent, and they fight to be welcomed into society of demons, angels, vampires, werewolves, golems, gargoyles, hybrids, elves, zombies, and more.

⒜ │ Holiday inspired events!
⒝ │ Tons of bots!
⒞ │ Helpful staff to improve your roleplay!
⒟ │ Rewards for roleplaying!
⒠ │ No discrimination!
⒡ │ RP Standard: Literate

We are in need of more active members to help flourish our plotline, please be apart of us today to help us!

│❗│ We have over 60 members (a lot are inactive v__v)!