‿︵‿︵Chewy's Bar Lounge‿︵‿︵
───> A supportive , friendly , active , and social server! <───
Our community is supportive when it is needed , we're also friendly when people are friendly towards us! We welcome people with open arms and are excited to meet new people! We're wholesome and random at other times and we know how to enjoy ourselves!

Feel free to express yourself and enjoy yourself over at the Bar Lounge! 🥂

What we can offer you as of now! 🍸

(1) A community that welcomes newer people and are often willing to be friendly and kind to one another!🥰

(2) An interesting level system which allows you to gain roles and rewards on the server! 😊

(3) Organized Channels with Specific Reasons! Venting , Gaming , Memes and so on! 😮

(4) Fun Bots! Such as OwO , Mudae , Mantaro and so many more! ✔

There's still so many things to do! So.. why not join us and become a part of our community? We would be happy to have you around us!