**”Welcome to {Hen’na}**
**An Inter-dimensional Prison for the smartest, dangerous, and sly criminals known for universal terror. Can this get any weirder? This inter-dimensional prison facility is built in a time-warped location, and built literally whereas a dead god resides- What’s left, anyways. The Guards and Prison Keep are most likely females. Why? Sounds suspicious, right? Besides that, Security is given a shit load of weapons that are to ensure that the prisoners are kept within this shit hole, one way or another.”**
**”Not only are they armed to the teeth with weapons that are made for each and every one of us, they’ve been enhanced. By the same damned reason why this place is time-warped. They were able to gain powers or abilities from the bone marrow of the dead god’s physical form or corpse by now. This prison was made for us prisoners who had gotten this far to make a name or some other reasoning. This prison...that we’re in...? Yeah, it’s always kept on high alert, and supervised by the one and only “Big Boss.” She’s in charge of this entire facility here. She oversees the punishments, new shipments of arriving criminals, and even weapons and security. Welcome to your new hellish home. Oh- and by the way. I’m Inmate #779, but you don’t have to call me that. Just call me Louie. Watch your back here. And...good luck.”**
!!Please do not join If you are younger than 15, thank you!!