Hello, introducing CountryHumans server! We have over 150+ members in our server and are looking for more to have!

Some things we have...
We have game nights, movie nights, and talent shows, multiple roleplays you can create interesting stories in, cool auto roles, nitro boosting rewards, a big active community, sensitive chat (for sensitive topics), an nsfw chat, a vent/rant chat, an awesome moderation team, reddit moderators in the server/a reddit channel, cool emojis, and a lot more!

If you are interested in roleplay, and are asking, do you only have countries to claim? Nope! You can claim characters such as empires, cities, planets, etc. We also have OC introductions!

I hope to see you in the server! Love, Doodle.

(Our server is 100% LGBTQ+ friendly! Please don't let others put you down sexuality! 🏳️‍🌈)