This server is for people who are tired of Allied and Soviet brainwashing, who think that not everyone in the Wehrmacht was a Nazi, and is for people who love Wehrmacht.
What we have on server:

- 💬 Channels for chating about history, art, and regular channel about everything, channels on which you can learn what happened on todays day in world war 2, or some famous quote

-🎵 We have very good German Qualität music and memes 🤣

- 🎥 Gifs, Pictures and Videos (also WW2)

- Many Wehrmacht roles (from Soldat to Generalfeldmarschal) and reward roles

- (Some day in the future we will have 🎉 giveaways)

- NO NSFW and friendly to all

- Helpful staff, and the Führer (i hope)

- Suggestions are very welcome

So, join us today!

If link dont work try this one: