Welcome to Roleplay Hub!

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⤖What we offer ⬻

☛ Great atmosphere!
☛ Lots of bots!
☛ Semi-literate to literate roleplay!
☛ Active and helpful staff members!
☛ Self roles!
☛ Lots of realms and races!
☛ Open for partnerships!
☛ Lots of roleplay channels!

This server is still being developed, so not everything is set yet. However, feel free to help out and give the staff suggestions as to what to add or do to make the server better!

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Roleplay hub is a server where you can choose from a variety of genres to roleplay in; imagination is the limit! Whether your character explores the depths of Elf-hame or travels around kingdoms in the medieval realm, has a run-in with aliens outside of the milky way or does hover bike racing in the futuristic realm, or even just hangs out and lives a normal school life in the modern realm, it's all up to you. Join today!