V.I.S.I.O.N an acronym for Video Imagery Support Intelligence Operations Network. Is a city only very new? Nobody seems to know about its origins or where it came from, one day it just suddenly seemed to exist! Despite its origins being mostly secret, many people were taken to this city (most against their will) where they would spend the rest of their lives never able to get into contact with anywhere outside of this strange city. After a few weeks, a society formed around the city with brand new social structures as the people quickly realized there was no escape and that the entire city was surrounded by ocean. Not much is known about the individuals who run the city or their motivations for doing this but they run the city and control the citizens through highly sophisticated robots which will duel and eliminate anybody who steps out of line. Cards in this city are readily available and Duel Monsters seems to be the number one hobby everyone seems to turn to after entering the city. New people who enter the city are referred to as EYEs by the general public and are deemed that until a full year of living in the city. New individuals who arrive at the city due to malicious kidnapping are drugged and find themselves waking up in strange pods where they are given a mobile phone like device called transmitters and a Duel Disk.