Mobius: Uprising is a dark and mature roleplaying server set in the Sonic universe fifteen years after Robotnik's victory over the Freedom Fighters. Since then, the Eggman Empire has taken over Mobius and destroyed its atmosphere and having had enough, the citizens of Mobius band together behind either the Freedom Fighters and GUN to put an end to Eggman's regime.

However, a new threat has emerged to all on mobius. This threat is known as the Metarex, and they wage a war of extermination against the citizens of the planet. Their drive to exterminate all non plant life is matched only by their military strength and numbers.

Will the citizens of Mobius be able to save their planet? Or will they and their world fade away, forgotten by the galaxy?

We offer:
-A story set fifteen years after Robotnik's victory
-Ability to play as not just original characters but canon characters as well.
-Play in at least six major regions.
-The Sonic universe complete with mature content
-Join a variety of canon or custom factions.
-No stat-based character creation.
-ERP-friendly channels for those who wish for it (must be 18+).
-Semi-Literate, Third-Person, and RTK.

Recommended Age: 17+