Legacy of Gods is a demi-god based role play. We take after the Percy Jackson & Olympian series! We are a friendly community that accepts everyone who enjoys building and creating characters, writing, and making new friends!

We also have a lot of events we do such as:
- Game Night
- Movie Night
- Server Quests & Missions
- Chances to deeply develop your character
- Chances to earn Mythical Pets
- And many more!

Something dark is coming.

The Gods have returned to the west once again, this time they have settled themselves on Mount Olympus located in the upper state of Washington. The coastal city of Seattle has been taken over by the Gods. The Olympians have hidden among the mortals once again and have begun creating a new generation of half-bloods. Now the children of Gods and Goddesses populate the city, completely unaware of their very own bloodline. Creatures and Beasts of all kinds have been roaming the city, causing havoc among both the mortals and the half-bloods. Although while this is usual behaviour, there seems to be rising inflation of creatures and beasts more than usual. These deadly mythical beasts are killing more half-bloods day by day, and this is causing an all-out war between the gods. Now it’s up to Atlanta University’s Champions and Seekers to figure out what is lurking in the shadows and summoning these beasts which are taking out the legacy of the gods.