The gods are real...y'know the Greek gods. Remember Zeus? The fuckboy god that you learned in history? Or maybe even Athena, a literal brainchild?

Well, I got some news for you, you just happen to be one of their kids.

Remember all those heroes from Greek myths, Hercules, Perseus, Achilles, and all the things they accomplished? How much strength and power they withheld? Well, you might be able to do such great things, slay monsters, save many lives, and maybe even become the next greatest hero this generation's even heard of.

But don't get too excited yet...

One of our generation's greatest heroes Jason, son of Jupiter, had died with a spear straight through his chest from monsters. Monsters that will chase you, hunt you down until you run out of energy to keep running, and eat you up. Even though you may withhold powers such as conquering the sea, wielding lightning, or even raising the dead.

But don't think just because you can do things such as this, that you're invincible. The monsters will and can kill you.

At least, not without any training, they will.

Camp Half-Blood is safe for people like you, people like us. It will train you to fight for yourself and others, help you wield weapons that will let instead of monsters destroy you, you destroying them instead.

Whatever you've come from before, camp will be your new home. You'll find your new family as well as friends. And so join us and stay safe.

Come to Camp Half-Blood and see what hero you'll become.

-----|==========> I <==========|-----


- Supportive LGBTQ+ community!
- Events such as CTF, Chariot Races, Tournaments, and more!
- Quest board to participate in, go on quests to save demigods, get items that might serve a use to you, or just to slay monsters!
- Functioning shop, trade Drachmas for items such as armor, weapons, medical supplies, just to name a few
- We welcome people who rp that range from paragraphs to just one-liners
- Fun server plot that you can participate in

And that's just a few things that we have in our server! Check out our server and see what else we hold!