Some say there's a war. Monsters as big as the Heroes of old have fought, with powers and abilities beyond the Titans. Some say that there's another prophecy, one that's bigger and better than anyone would expect. Tread carefully. Friends can be enemies, and everyone's true loyalty is muddled and confused.

Yet you don't know what I'm talking of, do you? Allow me to clarify; the gods are real. The Greek gods, to be specific. Remember Zeus, the fuckboy god from sixth-grade history? What about Athena, the goddess of wisdom that is literally a brainchild? Yeah, those gods.

They're real. And you — well, you're one of their kids.

You might remember the demigods from Greek mythology, children of gods and mortals. All those feats that they accomplished? They're real. And, maybe, you could be the next great hero.

But don't hold your breath.

After all, one of our generation's heroes, Jason, son of Jupiter, died with a spear in his chest from monsters. Monsters that chase you, monsters that will kill you.

You have powers, you have abilities that no mortal can fathom. You might be able to conquer the ocean, wield lightning, or raise the dead. You might be able to perform Herculean feats of strength or manipulate the mist like breathing air.

Whatever the case, those monsters will still destroy you.

Or, at least, if you don't have the training, they will.

Camp Half-Blood is safe for us. It will train you, it will let you wield knives and swords without a second thought and destroy monsters with a flick of a finger.
There is a rumor going around that a huge quest is going to happen, possibly as big as the one the Heroes of Olympus went on. Though it is uncertain if we will win or fail...The enemy is suspected to be bigger than anything camp has faced, this enemy might be so bad that the Hunters...the Amazons...old campers...even the Heroes of Olympus. But no, let's hope not. Though there might be a rumor live on with your camp activities, but be on alert.

Join us and stay safe.

Come to Camp Half-Blood, and see what kind of hero you'll become.

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- Supportive LGBTQA+ community!
- Interactive Quests that you can participate in and even create!
- Weekly events like Capture the Flag, chariot races, and more!
- Fully Integrated trading system, to get winged shoes, exotic pets, and even Aegis!
- Exciting and fun server plot to participate in!
- Many gods to choose from, over 20 minor gods along with the Olympians.
- Your OC can be something other than a demigod such as a nymph, dryad, satyr, mortal, and even a harpy!
- Partnerships with other servers, both RP and chat servers!