Welcome to Danganronpa: [Bubonic Pestilence]

Within a hidden clearing, deep in the heart of a forest, lies a small village. The walls surrounding make the village something of a local curiosity, though it’s been abandoned for decades. Or so it was thought-

Liliana Birch, the Ultimate Optimist, opens her eyes, an unfamiliar village surrounding her. Fifteen others stood nearby, similar expressions of confusion crossing their faces as they took in their surroundings.

A class of the world’s best and brightest, trapped like rats in a despair-filled maze. Will they be able to escape? Will they find the truth behind the lies? Find out, in Danganronpa: [Bubonic Pestilence]

Danganronpa: [Bubonic Pestilence] is a new fangan, set in a village!! Join Liliana Birch, Ultimate Optimist, as she sets out to discover who- or what- is behind her class being trapped in a mysterious, hidden village. Will she despair? Will the truth be uncovered? You could help decide, and bring this to life!! We are currently searching for artists, writers, voice actors, and video editors/animators to work on this project, and help bring Danganronpa: [Bubonic Pestilence] to life!! Sprite artists are especially needed, but any and all help is appreciated!!