***__Realm of Ethereal.__***

• *Realm of Ethereal is a brand new, fast growing medieval fantasy roleplay server. It is a place where you can chill, where we value both RP and
community quality. Dive into a magical world between battling nations, wild jungles, desert wastelands, unexplored cities, and much more! Forge your character's story into the world of Ethereal!*

**__We offer the following!__**

***__General__*** :

• A friendly, ever-growing community of 500+ members! 💜
• Self-assignable roles! A variety of colors for your account in the server! 🌈
• Fun bots to play with! 🤖
• Awesome weekly giveaways! 👌
• Drama free server! 👏

***__Roleplay__*** :

• Over 100+ areas with their own singularity and attributes, for your character to venture and explore! :wowreact:
• Original and unique lore, with updates on a regular basis and a detailed map of the land! 📕
• Detailed lore sheets and literate RP! 📘
• Awesome quests and events on a regular basis! ⚔

*DISCLAIMER: We are looking for staff!* ☑

• Banner & Invite: https://discord.gg/XaXVwtF