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೫๑》❁✧ 18+ Only! ✧❁Ꮛ《๑೫
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The server, Choria, is set during a fantasy age where kingdoms are at war. Due to the war, the government has all but abandoned Choria to their own means, leaving the denizens to form a lawless hub of chaos, fantasy, and darkness.

From cat girls to revenants to humans to mermaids... Choria has all types of species, mingling, and pursuing their own goals... Drugs, pleasure, money, or just a regular home life? That’s up to each citizen.


The server isn’t very strict, but we do require 3 sentences per roleplay post.


ᒎᗝᓰﬡ TᗝᖙᗩᎩ!
Here you will have the option to:
-Partake in a variety of both SFW and NSFW role-play activities
-Participate in IC or OOC RP, as you see fit
-Meet friendly people and chat without worry of innocent ears
-Join an active General chat and active VC, if you desire.
-Help shape an immersive lore
-Lots of custom emotes