Welcome to Seek The Truth! We're a very inclusive server with lots to offer, centered around debating ideas and topics.

The goal of our group is to encourage theoretical thought in order to better understand the universe and ourselves. We intend to theorize about the unknown, refine our theories, and know more than we did yesterday. We seek to better understand the universe, ourselves, and our place in it.

This server is very much a server dedicated to personal growth. Whether that growth is in your craft, or in yourself as a person, there's something for you. We try our best to make a very welcoming and active atmosphere to talk about things that are serious and casual alike. One minute people may be talking about gods that they work with and personal growth experiences within their craft, and the next you'll see a conversation about cats and how they're infinitely superior to dogs (you can't change my mind).

We feature many roles that allow access to opt-in categories for various practices - only see what you wanna see! We also have opt-in roles for an NSFW section as well as an LGBT+ section, though you need to verify for the NSFW. Something that we pride ourselves on is our Architect system, which allows users to choose to have their own channel to post what they want - whether that be research that they've done or just something like a journal to log various experiences, like astral trips, that can be read by other members.

Come and join us! We can't wait to see you there!