Aurora Springs is a literate roleplay server where the story is yours to weave all in the setting of a rural college town!
Unlike any other, the inhabitants of this town hidden away in the mountains vary in species. Humans, wendigo, elves, deities, demons, vampires and so many others...they all have come to find peace and find something or someone to occupy their time with.

Will you find something to keep you from wanting to leave this hidden destination? What will your character’s story tell? You decide!

❃ - FEATURES - ❃
✾ -The Most Patient Roleplayers You'll Ever Meet!
✾ -A Mature Crowd of Misfits, 19 Years of Age or Older!
✾ -Themes: Light Fantasy, Romance, and Slice of Life!
✾ -Roleplay Events + Fun, Earnable Roles!