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Welcome, all to this wonderful little town! Make yourself at home, we have amazing food at our local diner and cute decorative stones at a few of our shops! We will guarantee you will have a good time here.

Are they gone?

Welcome, dear fellow witches. You've come to the right place if you're seeking a new, magical life. Have you ever felt out of place back at home? Bullied or abandoned by your natural, beautifully abnormal abilities? Well, you won't experience that again. Here in our town, we have what is called The Circle, a family of witches that practice their abilities daily and mingle among themselves. It's a haven for all that felt outcasted. But, don't get fooled by the cute appearances of the town. Evil lingers still to this day, watching and waiting to strike. You must get good with your ability, and quick before something hunts you down.

We hope you have
a g̴̛͌ó̵̑o̴̓͝ḋ̸͋ day.
Do you like Human Roleplay? Do you like Witches? What if you had two in one? The Circle is a PG-13 Roleplay server about the Witches of the coven, how they go through their everyday life with their unique animal familiar and using their discovered magic. In this server, we give you an opportunity to dive into the Pagan Religion (though this isn't at all a religious server) and learn the aspects of the Witch! We story is overall a go-with-the-flow, but we do host all-server plots that help you develop your OCs and create relationships. With an active staff and friendly members, The Circle is a quick-growing server that includes everyone!══════════════════════════════════════════════════════
What we offer in The Circle:
✦ Active, friendly members and staff!
✦ Tons of different channels!
✦ LGBT friendly!
✦ Unlimited to creativity!
✦ Semi-lit community!
✦ And more!