The Vigilant League is a roleplay server where you can explore your deepest superhero dreams! The lore is simple and has many ways to work with what you will like, any questions on the lore and our community will be happy to help you through it. We are not harsh on what your character will focus on, hero, villain, just a normal citizen and more! The choice is yours. Our community is a pressure free zone to do as you feel, we do want our members happy and comfortable.

Taking place in a large city called Matlock in the year 2075. An object called the Vault has opened gates to new dimensions and started an odd mutation in new generations, powers, even mutations in looks started popping up in young children. Some use this power for good or for bad in the city, others choose to ignore it. In the years of this odd phenomenon an organization called the Vigilant League hired civilians who would become heroes to protect the city they love.