๑ Welcome to our Shinuku Station ๑

˚ʚ If you're looking for a chill place to chat and play some fun bots then come try us out! Here are a few things we offer: ɞ˚

⋟ Open and friendly community
⋟ Voice chat and karaoke sessions
⋟ Giveaways
⋟ Nitro Drops
⋟ Fun events with prizes
⋟ Cute gif bots, Uno, CAH, Dank Memer, & More
⋟ Anime bots such as- Mudae, Shoob, Karuta, AstolfoBot, Anigame, Maid-San, Isekai-Maid & Amusement Club
⋟ Pokémon bots such as- Pokécord 2.0, PokéMeow, Pokéverse, Pokémize, & PokéMania

Come check us out and say hello!