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Hi ! If you want to chat and play Splatoon 1 with other players, you find the good server ! Communauté également française.
Welcome to ink academy! Are you ready to unlock your full potential? No? Well who cares!

Become a student, or a teacher! Whatever you decide! Play league with friends in splatoon 2, or play normal ol' tower control in splatoon 1!

We don't care for your background, the past is the past! Put it behind you and just go for it! Hope you love the server.


P.S. The server is CLEARLY still in the works, hope ya like it anyways!
☆ Welcome to Splatoon Paradise! A Splatoon 1 & Splatoon 2 Roleplay Server. This was inspired by my friends and I love for the Splatoon series, and from another rp server we used to have. We decided to make this server for all lovers of Splatoon and Roleplayers as well.
☆ What do we have to offer?
- Fun bots
- Tournament/Events
- OC Creation
- Splatoon 1 & 2 match making.
- Self Roles
- Custom Splatfests
☆ We hope you join our server and have a great time here. But don't forget you must read and follow the rules if you want to stay! We're accepting five more admins for the server so if you have experience try applying.
See you in the server!!!
If you are looking for splatoon 1 player because you dont have nintendo online then you've found the right on. Join us if you wanna play splatoon 1.
We are looking for people to talk with and become friends with! It's a little silent here now, but if you will join, I am sure we will have lot of fun together! If you need any help, just ask Admins or Owner