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Welcome to Crumbling Barriers!
New server looking for active people that are aged 15 and up!

-Self roles
-Friendly staff
This is a fabulous server to join if u wanna meet new people ❤
The main them of this server is festivity and affection 💕
We have...
🤖Lots of bots 🤖
🎮Gaming channels🎮
🎨Art channels🎨
😉And much more😉
~ily and enjoy ur stay in this server 😘
I started this server because I wanted to build a community of journaling. I want people to feel comfortable enough to talk about their everyday life. Journaling is completely optional. Journals can be funny, filled with your art, favorite games, nerding out about something, talking about a personal experience, whatever it is feel free to write about it.

This server is meant to promote writing and articulation.
Welcome to FeaturedSpace...

We're an up and coming minecraft server with new and unique server types such as:

• OneShot.
• Survival RPG.
• Red vs Blue (with guns)

We strive to make this a player friendly environment. If you're looking for a new and unique experience, come join and support us on our awesome adventure! Make sure to check #announcements for new and exciting updates!
♛❁ Welcome to Iqra's Gacha Roleplay Hangout! ♛❁

I'm Iqra, also the creator of this server. It is brand new and we don't quite have members but I please ask you to join and give it a chance. Don't let the amount of members influence you on the whole server. ♛❁

Some things we have! ❁
❁ Self-roles
❁ Many channels
❁ Verification System
❁ Chill people
❁ Bots
and much more! ❁

♛❁ Hehe, that's my little description on my server! I hope you find it interesting and decide to join! We'd love to have youuu, alr see you there hopefullyyy ♛❁
Hey there! We're a new and relatively active Discord group for all things Destiny 2!
Here's what we've got for you:
- Weekly updates, get all the info you need about the resets without having to sit through a drawn out video!
- LFG, find a group and play comp or a raid together!
- We aren't experts, but we know a thing or two about weapon rolls, so feel free to drop in and ask about that new Austringer you got.
- We're chill and casual! Down to clown any time of the week, so don't worry about not fitting in. We're all idiot guardians here.
This server is new aswell as kid-friendly, its a place where you can hangout and have fun, though, this is a sfw server and nsfw if prohibited; and their is currently no people in this server (besides bot), so...come and join.

And Don't Be A Idiot... :)

NOTE: Eat Curry And Im Lonely..
The largest Discord server dedicated to the "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" video game on the Nintendo Switch! An official Discord Partnered server and level three boosted! A friendly and welcoming community with over 200+ Animal Crossing emojis!
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»

⁣⁣  ⁣⁣  ⁣Hey! Welcome to chill vibes ❤︎
⁣⁣ We're a new, small & laid back server,
⁣⁣just to chill / have a good time or even for
⁣⁣  ⁣⁣  ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ ⁣making new friends :)


❥ We offer you:

✧ fun bots
✧ in server currency
✧ auto-assignable roles
✧ unique roles you can buy in our shop!
✧ friendly staff :)
✧ pokecord
✧ custom emojis that will be added
(suggest them!)
✧ multiple music bots and channels


Please come join us & help us create an
amazing community!!
We'd loove to have you 💕

We hope to see you there!~ ✨
Welcome to Discord's newest virtual country! Join our ever-growing community and become apart of a unique experience!
Hey welcome to my discord server I just made it not long ago so I'm sorry there are not very many people but I hope it will grow!!! <3<3<3 ;3
Server for da lonely. A comfy small server I made for my close friends and we are always looking for more frens. I keep the max memebers under 40 that way it’s not flooded with inactives and promotes activity. Open to suggestions

We now have our own modded Minecraft server :^]
Just a small server where we can be friends, talk about anime or circle jerk about our depression and why we hate life. Not everyone here is as much fun as I am so don't feel dissuaded from joining if you're not a dank depresso.

>imageboard experience preferred but not required
Free blackpills are handed out on arrival
Trissies Paradise is a Safe,Friendly Small Starting Community Of Friend's. Come And Join the Small community and lets make this small community a large community. Join Trissies Paradise Today!
-Active Owner
-Friendly Staff Team
-Verification System
-Venting Channel
this is my new lil server for everything ahegao and hentai etc if you too have a lil perverted side and appreciate a dumb sl....i mean if you appreciate the finer things in life...why not pop in for a visit, btw its a new server

•Need more discord server members?
•Finding it a challenge to grow your server?
•Want to meet new people and make new friends?
•Want your server to get hundreds of members?
•Do you want find more gamers?
•Do you wanna advertise your twitch or YouTube channel to get more followers or subscribers?
•Do you want to find more servers to partner with?
•Do you want more entertainment?

If so, here is the place to go!
We are still a growing community server hoping to change in as many possible ways which benefit our members
So far we have got:

•Awesome Bots like Discord RPG and Duckhunt
•Would you rather questions
•Available partnerships and staff applications
•Free Advertising channels for discord, twitch, youtube, facebook, websites and much more
•Gaming roles and channels
•Emoji, Spam and art channels
•Sparta, memes and anime
•Role requests and 100+ self assignable roles and over 70 role colors!
•Riddle channels
•Superhero, villain and monster 1v1 fights, chats and voting every two weeks!
•Venting channel
•And even a NO-rules channel!
And so much more to come!

My old server got nuked at around 400 members pls join as we are still rebuilding and need all the support and members. We got over 30 members within the first day of the second server, just DM me to partner. We currently have around 300 members. Our requirements are no NSFW based servers and your server must have at least 45 human members. We are also looking for partner managers, event managers and loyal staff members. We hope you have a great time there!
The Divide by Zero Community and advertising server Owner: @BEWARE DANGER
Welcome, to An Ew Generation!~~
We're a new growing server, mainly just for hanging out or gaming!
So far we provide;
self assignable roles (more adding everyday),
Mee6, Mantro, Groovy, and a few more bots!
Come join the server, and be a part of the growing community!<3
the Trap Appreciation Society is a server for you to talk about traps, meet fellow trap enthusiasts and find trap hentai
~ W e l c o m e To C h â t e a u ~

═══════•°• :warning: •°•═══════
We are a new server but...
Join and instantly get all your wishes granted
And become super edgy
═══════•°• :warning: •°•═══════

You Should Join Because

✧ | You can find an egirl/eboy
✧ | You can make friends and joke around
✧ | We will be hosting events/giveaways soon
✧ | @everyone is hot in this server (including YOU)
✧ | We accept @everyone for who they are
✧ | We don’t sleep @here because sleeping is for losers
✧ | You can advertise your YT, Twitch, or Social Media accs
✧ | There’s a verified category for all the non catfishers
✧ | Active and welcoming community

═══════•°• :warning: •°•═══════
**We’re looking new staff and active members:heartbeat:
Help us get to grow and make a great community!**
═══════•°• :warning: •°•═══════
This Up And Coming FiveM Roleplay Server Is Based Off Of Montgomery County In Texas. We Aren't Open Yet, But We Can Start Growing The Community As We Do Need Staff And LEO. When We Officially Open Is Unknown, But We Are Working Hard And Long To Make This Community Worth Your Time.
-Thanks For Reading, MCRP Staff Team
𝙝𝙞𝙜𝙝 // 𝙛𝙧𝙚𝙚 is a new server. Aim to achieve a friendly and cosy community with people around the world!! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ ❤️
Vore Valley is a mainly roleplay based server for vore lovers who would wish to roleplay and find themselves a nice prey to feed on, or possibly a place to feed yourself to the hungriest predator on the server. We have media/art channels along with commissions/commissioning and even a Minecraft server we just recently opened! hope you enjoy your stay!
┌─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───┐‬

‪ Welcome to
Nic's Server

‪└─── ・ 。゚☆: .☽ . :☆゚. ───┘‬

♡ ⋆。 ˗ˏˋ Hello, My name is Nicole! This is a small server for weebs like me!

♡ ⋆。 ˗ˏˋ Although its mainly for anime, anyone can Join and be apart of my server!

♡ ⋆。 ˗ˏˋ we are lgbtq+ welcome and don't support racism, sexism, or overall toxic people!

♡ ⋆。 ˗ˏˋ we have :

• Memes!

• Art!

• Bots!

• A venting Channel!

• Special Member roles!