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A chill server created out of boredom. If you're like me, you can't do anything without music. If that's the case, join my server. Why, you ask? Because then, you can share music with people who like the same genre of music that you do! The different genre-themed channels we have are:
- Country
- Jazz
- Rap
- Blues
- Trap
- Rock and roll
- Jpop and kpop
- Lofi
If you have any problems or questions with the server, we have channels for that too! See you there!

Note: We are strongly against joining and instantly leaving. Please stay at least 24 hours in the server before leaving.
Ayo I'm a kid who is super fucking bored in quarantine and needs new friends. It's super small right now but y'know if you want to join you can but you do have to. I'm open to new ideas with the server and you have to follow the rules set or you will be banned.
We're a pretty new server, who's active on voicecall and would love to have more members! We're not a toxic environment, but we love memes and aren't particularly stingy with cursing.
We're a 15-18 age server so please keep that in mind. :)
This is a Hypixel guild for minecraft and you have to get 200k gexp weekly or you will be kicked from the guild also you can apply to join in this discord server!
CYBER CITY is a chill server where you can make new friends, we tolerate toxicity, we actually encourage it but don't push it too far. We have relatively active and friendly staff. So if you want a toxic, chill and aesthetic server to vibe in, you should join CYBER CITY !!
Fun based and 'new' server looking to expand!
- Find new friends
- Fun roles and theme
- Enjoy server events like movie nights ect.
Join us!
Welcome! join us and have fun😊
We are a very new server so please say hi we don’t bite (most of the time )
Give us feedback!!

hangout with us all ages are welcome !
We have porn !!
Nudes !!
Star Advertising
An advertising server build for community. We welcome all to join us!
What can I advertise here?
☆ Your Server
☆ Your Services
☆ Your YouTube
☆ Your Twitch
☆ Your Patreon
☆ Your Instagram
☆ Your Business
What can I look for here?
☆ Server builders
☆ Graphic Designers
☆ Advertisement Builders
☆ Staff members
☆ Paying & Nonpaying Jobs
☆ Nitro Donators/Boosters
What makes this a community server?
☆ Introductions Channel
☆ Reactable Self Roles
☆ Chat and Music Rooms
☆ Mini Games and Memes
☆ Events and Giveaways
☆ A place to Show Your Talents
☆And SO Much More!
We are a 15+ server and we are primarily a night life server.
So, um, Hi! It's Addy, the server owner, and I'd like to invite you to join Degenerate Underground. We've been around for like a month so we are still pretty new and growing every day. Our server is a place where you can be a lil toxic and let loose a lil and find some people to really let go with. What does our server have to offer?
- A Devilish Theme w/ Seven Deadly Sins Staff
- A leveling system
- Super Active Night Life VC's
- Optional NSFW channel
So, in summary, we are a not so friendly social server and we want to be not so friendly with you! Can't wait to see you there <3
Welcome to my server, this is a place that i hope one day will be very big, when we hit a certain amount of members we will do trial mods and ect. If you join that would make me really happy as currently there are 0 people hear. If you join then get your friends to join as well so it can be even more active! Hope you enjoy your stay and read the rules!
We're a small but growing community of people who want to socialize, Share meme's and generally have fun. want to talk about your favorite games we have channel for that! Need to build up your collection of Meme's we have a meme dump channel too!

Please Accept rules to gain access to the entire server :)

No racism or Sexism allowed in chat. Toxicity and bullying are also ban-able offences if someone asks you to stop saying stuff about them and you don't stop its considered bullying!

We have a NSFW section for users 18 and above only this will be very well moderated and if you're not 18 and lie about your age in order to see these channels you will be banned.

The server is still very much young and a work in progress but if you're patient enough to help us out and help us grow it will be much appreciated.
Blurshop is the official communications server for our Roblox's group also named Blurshop. Blurshop is a supermarket foundation like restaurant or cafe groups. Currently, we are hiring from Executive Coordinator to Stocker!
Welcome to 𝔞𝔫𝔤𝔢𝔩𝔰!
A small growing server of wholesome crackheads
We are a small server full of amazing people and amazing bots to mess with. We are still under construction with the gaming channels but we have plenty of others. From memes to self-advertising .Full of wholesome crackheads.
- Leader 1: 操你#7675
- Leader 2: yanderememe#4617
Still kind of under construction but please join :)

Don't forget to wear your mask!
Hello, this is a new Naruto server, Shinobi: New Dawn. It's a very interesting server, and we plan to hire more staff. If you're interested in this new server you're always free to check it out.
Come down today,
And try some corn,
Or we will sacrifice your newborn!

*loud screeching*

(We're not some sort of odd Slimecicle cult!)
━ fresh new server
━ help me grow a community <3
━ looking for staff + active members!!
━ hope to see you there 🥺
You are trapped in a dark room. You're only escape is to walk into the light. In the saving light, you find us.... just kidding! This is a hangout! We're a small community of weirdos who happen like stuff, stuff, and other stuff! If you bring in five people, get a custom role of your choosing too! Come and join us! Embrace your inner weeb!

> ∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷∷
> ∏∗∗∗The Round Table∗∗∗∏
> ≼≼≼≼≼≼A new server for no drama and a relaxing place to hangout.≽≽≽≽≽≽
> ⋄ Soon to be one of the fastest growing communities ⋄
> ⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄⋄
> Active staff
> low moderated
> ⌖ ⌖ ⌖ ⌖ ⌖ ⌖ ⌖ ⌖ ⌖ ⌖ ⌖ ⌖ ⌖ ⌖ ⌖ ⌖ ⌖
> Custom emojis
> ( Just ask for one to be made and it will )
> ▹▹▹Lots of Nitro drops
> Movie nights
> Gaming streams
> VC and music sessions! ◃◃◃
> ⊱ Try it out! You’ll love the community! ⊰
Welcome to Lost Paradise a new server in which you can be first of the people who join this hopefully growing server in which you can meet new people and make many friends along the way come join us in the Lost Paradise!! well see you there!!!
Welcome to MATCHmakers! This server is here to let the matches begin. We don't only have match making chats, but we also have voice chats, so you can find people to make friends with. This server is new, so we will be getting bumped. There are some NSFW chats, so discretion is advised!
Hello :) Welcome to Beloved Honey’s we are a supporting server and we are wanting to have a good community :) come join us!
What we offer:
-Small Laid Back Server -In need of staff
-Friendly Staff
-Active members
-Friendly Community
-Aesthetic looks
-Pastel Colors
-Role award level system
And more!