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We're a pretty cool and sometimes toxic community that mainly revolves around memes and gaming, with some of us being tech enthusiasts as well. We don't tolerate nonsense and although we do have rules, we don't really care that much about anything. This server is mainly for people that don't fit in very well with other servers and their rules for whatever reason. Everyone in here is very tight-knit, but we're open to most people.
We also have our own discord bot, an interactive chatting bot that does silly things, and a minecraft server along with it.


-many sub categories of porn

-voice chats

-art channel

-lgbt+ friendly

Come join the chaos
Feeling lost in life and just want to relax and find others also lost in life? Come and visit us lonely bunch...
‣ Nitro giveaway every 100 members
‣ We are just s a d, but nice people
‣ Regular events
‣ Custom server bot with:
∙ Fully working xp, currency and leaderboard system based on a unique algorithm
∙ The ability for users to spin and collect anime characters
∙ Music capabilities (both URL and searches)
∙ Profile command with customizable frame color, background and
displayable badges
We are looking for artists, web developers and active staffs!!
Siamo un server Discord nel quale ha come obbiettivo fare star bene la gente.

Siamo un server molto tranquillo, con uno staff accogliente.
Abbiamo MusicBot/Minigames/KDbot.

Spero veramente che quando entri tu stia bene, e se ti piace il discord
invita i tuoi amici anche <3.

Its a meme server, must i say more?

we have cults and uh yea

We do channel, cult, role and emoji requests

we allow swearing if thats cool

we are epic

uhm, danganronpa

i swear i can make good servers this ones just for fun
We are growing up konoha! wanna be a member? then join!!! u won't regreet it!
we have stuff like memes, anime ,music , editors as well and more!!!
hey just looking for new people to meet and hangout with, just a server where we vibe and do a ton of things together :)
Chill social server. Great aesthetic and setup, amazing chats -- superb staff. Memes, Nitro emotes. Over 25,000 members. Join us!
small, fun, laid back server where you can kick the shit
Fun bots, good people, varying levels of toxicity.

Level 2 boost, well moderated, lots of bots, nitro giveaways

Come say hi!


"cool chill server that isn't run by a pedophile or a psychopath."
You can say whatever the hell you want here. Obey Discord's ToS of course, but other than that you can say whatever you please. We do not have E-girls here, so don't come here if you're being horny. If you read through all of this, then say "This is for Mr. Sinatra."
Yo! Welcome To Haziq Empire!

You Won't Regret Joining This Server!

─> Room Chat!

─> Make Friends!

─> Share Your Memes!

─> Make A Fan Art!

─> Using A Badword Is Allowed But Don't Go Too Far Or Toxic!

─> Online Fight!

─> Send Pictures! (SFW Pics Only)!

─> Play With Bots!

─> Custom Command!

─> Event And Giveaway Every Month! (Maybe)!

─> Spamming (In Some Channels)!

Follow ALL The Rules Or You'll Be Suspended!
I wanted to create a chill community to hang out in. Sticking around would be nice :). The only rules are discord tos.
About Us:fish_cake:

𝗔𝗻𝗶𝗺𝗲 𝗦𝗶𝗺𝗽𝘀 is a public discord server catering to weebs and gamers across EN platforms.
We have plenty of options and things to do within our server including :

•100+ roles to choose from
•Applications to work with our server are always open
•Giveaways and events such as movie nights, nitro giveaways, and custom roles
•Importantly our server is anti-raid!! So you’ll never have to worry about getting 100+ pings from our server!

ع˖⁺ We really hope you’ll join us and engage in our community We hope to see you soon!
~ 𝗔𝗻𝗶𝗺𝗲 𝗦𝗶𝗺𝗽𝘀™️ Team
Welcome to Munkey Discord! A place to post monkey memes, pics, spam, and more! So please join!
Hey, we're just a couple of friends looking for friends and we're really lazy to go find some in random discord servers. So we made one and we're open to anybody joining. We're pretty chill, and have a generous rule system. We are inclusive and would just like some nice people to join.
You fell INTO THE INFINITEVERSE?? Traverse the Infiniteverse with your ocs or character making new friends or enemies as the story unfolds...

We have a color role bot so you can be any color you want, we have the dank memer bot, and the Tupper box bot for more efficient rping and more bots to help out.

We're a very small community but please do join us :)
IKEA Facility placed in the world of Danganronpa! Work hard and you will get some of our swedish home cooking!
🍉⊰ Nhà Hàng của Memer ⊱🍉

• server về art, gaming, meme, anime và JOJO
• có hơn 30 bot khác nhau và đa số useless
• có hơn 69 emoji khác nhau (và chỉ có vài cái đẹp)
• server có nsfw nhưng không có nghĩa server dành cho trẻ trâu
•bạn nghĩ đây là server nhàm chán ư? No. server chúng tôi có: mod lạm quyền, owner lười biếng, bọn sủa muda mặc dù dell bt dio là ai và nhìu thành phần cục súc khác,...

Looking for a place to chill after a long day of partying?
Well we've got you covered pal!! We welcome you to our beloved server AFTER-PARTY.
We are a community made by friends of friends and we'd be more than happy to have you on board with us !!
The most "unique" factor of our server is that we feel free to express our emotions with each other like we would with anyone else.
Just after a few minutes we can guarantee your comfort with making yourself feel at home!! :)
So what are you waiting for?
Join our precious after party filled with surprises and treats!!
Let’s get over on with what we have to offer you :)
 its a place where we can learn all about you and look at the things we have in common with you!
 Don’t be shy so say hi in #looby
 A Ranking system, which makes it more competitive and forces members to keep the chat lively so you
will never feel unaccompanied.
 As you get comfortable you have the choice of doing a "face reveal" in selfless channel. Express your
memes and humour through the "meme" channel !!
 Show off your music taste with the music channels with 3 separate bots!!
 Play interesting games such as Taco shack and owo games!!! More coming soon.
 Anime fans are welcome to check out the anime section with some interesting categories and new anime
updates.(Protect the loli’s )
 Share your art and AVMs with us .
 Stream your favorite anime with friends and get live reactions!! (trust me this one is pretty fun)
 Share pictures of you pets, food, and much more with all the designated channels!!
 Game with you friends through the "gaming category", share your username and what games you play!!
 Gossip about spicy topics with the "girls only chat" (only verified girls).
And finally respect others and gain respect!! we hope you have a wonderful time with us and really hope you ENJOY!!