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Join the ditchcord empire an active toxic but cool community with plenty of hoes to choose from
There are many cool roles, channels and activities to choose from.
admins who treat everyone fairly and equally.
There is little to no rules apart from leeching and threatening the server and being an all round dickhead.

Fairly small yet growing server created through fire and growing into a decently close knit community. I've been around the block a few times on other people's failed servers, and know how to run a good one.
>strictly SFW
>Furry friendly
>Have roleplay
>Have D&D
Hope you check us out!
Mari join ke server discord kami
masuk aja dulu biar rame
kalo udah rame bisa mabar bareng bareng
toxic boleh yang penting jangan berlebihan
:wave: Coucou
Tu cherche une chaine Youtube venant de commencer :interrobang:
Ce serveur est fait pour toi car dessus il y a un petit Youtubeur appeler ApiXt !
- Dedans il y a quoi ? ;

1│Un staff à l'écoute et à votre disposition.
2│Des échanges de pub/partenariats.
3│Un salon dédié au meme
4│Des rôles spécifiques.
5│Une communauté humoristique
6│Des Events :D
7│Un salon spoil pour les vidéos
8|Un grade V.I.P a partir de 3 invites ! Il vous donnera de nombreux avantage ;)
9 |Des Givewayes 1 fois ou 2 par semaine
10 |Un endroit Gaming avec des vocales et salon textuelle pour chercher des gens -Il se passe quoi sur le serveur ?
On est en plein recrutement^^ ,On va faire gagner des rôles V.I.P et des rôles personalisé et plein d'autre chose :D donc si vous voulez un endroit chill avec de l'humour venez !! è_é
Hey und willkommen zu unserer kleinen Discord Community, Meet Friends! Wir sind bis jetzt nur eine kleine Gruppe von Freunden die Langeweile hatten und einen eigenen Discord Server erstellt haben, und sich zu sehr in die Sache reingestiegen haben und ihn jetzt öffentlich machen! Wir haben jeden zweiten Tag Events. Gaming Events starten um 19 Uhr und enden um 21 Uhr, und Film/Serien Events starten um 20 Uhr und enden um 21 Uhr. Wir haben auch Chats und Voice-Chats für verschiedene Themen. Lasst die Party beginnen!
🍵 Wir freuen uns dich zu sehen!
Mit unseren aktiven Community kann sich keiner langweilen!

🌺 Wir bieten:
› Regelmäßige Events
› Große Auswahl an Self-Roles
› Custom Channel
› Viele Mini-Games
› Viele Emojis
› Frei von NSFW-Inhalten

Trete uns ruhig bei und werde Teil des Spaßes
🌸 Online Onsen 🌸
⚠️Join ⓣⓗⓔ ⓗⓞⓜⓘⓔⓢ⚠️

| ♣️were inviting you to join........♣️
| ↪️ⓣⓗⓔ ⓗⓞⓜⓘⓔⓢ↩️

ⓣⓗⓔ ⓗⓞⓜⓘⓔⓢ is a 24/7 active server that welcomes all members.
With friendly staff and people!
And it’s all aged!

The server includes:
-🚫nsfw channel🚫
-😂meme channel😂
-🎮 game channel 🎮
-🍥 anime+manga channel 🍥

🔗If you’re interested to join, feel free to join and have fun 🔗

we like to vibe and have big funny memes with friendly staff... I think
15+ | SFW Server
This server is for anyone who wants to make friends, its going to be kept as a very friendly server and a safe space for everyone..
Discord Nitro Emotes is a server primarily for discord nitro users who are trying to find just one server full of a wide range of emotes (both gifs and static images). All emotes in our server can be used on absolutely any server if you own discord nitro. We also are looking to expand our emotes, suggest emotes in #emote-suggestions. We also have a dedicated memes channel where you can post memes or see the memes from our very own bot by doing !meme
MemeCore is a server mainly for memes, chatting and gaming. The server is very organised and has fun bots. Have fun and enjoy your stay! ^^

Hello there and welcome to the Vistas. This Discord server is a place for chatting and for making new discoveries whether it'll be with a new friend or a hobby. I aim to make this server a fair and accommodating place and to do so we allow for people to make suggestions.
│ │ │ │. ;; [⚪️] `, - :;'.
│ │ │ ✧
│ │ ◆
│ ✧

【𝙊𝙠 𝘽𝙤𝙤𝙢𝙚𝙧】

𝙒𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙬𝙚 𝙤𝙛𝙛𝙚𝙧

⊱ 》 | Mod Apps Open at 50 Users!
⊱ 》 | Question of the day
⊱ 》 | Discussions
⊱ 》| Very Active
⊱ 》| Gain Levels
⊱ 》| Show off your memes
⊱ 》| Count with us!
⊱ 》| Custom Emojis
⊱ 》| Have any coloured nickname you want! (Hex codes also can be requested.)
⊱ 》| Even text wallpapers - the owner takes requests!
⊱ 》| Come relax and make friends!

Officially opened 10/3/20
Meme Graveyard, Make new friends and chat about anything. (memes, vc, events, rabbit,, voicechat, weeb, lewd, giveaway, anime, emotes, global, dankmemes, )
Welcome to your favorite food server.
We got allot of burgers in the server!
come here and talk about your favorite food!
I mean.. Psst.. Pizza is nice aswel but dont tell anyone..

🍔we got Ofc allot of Burgers
📛We have emotes!
🔰Other topics!
❤️Friendly Admins!
🔱our great and supportive staff
⚜️a great community
➡️24/7+ staff support
♻️organized, clean server
❎1 channel nsfw
🔊videos and pictures
🎙voice channels

we're looking for a few mods!
Hai Hai~, i'm the owner of this server and nice to meet you, yes this is a hentai server, their’s still memes, and gaming chats for fate grand order, bang dream, league, arknights and more. Their are nsfw channels for this server, if u have time check us out, we got yuri, yaoi, and more~
It's exactly what it sounds like.

Active meme server with welcoming members.
-Bots and custom roles
-Vaired meme channels
-An eyewash station for wholesome content
-Subreddit inspired channels
-Original memes channel
-Political chats
-Plenty of amazing emojis
-Highly interactive server
-New members welcome
-69 memebers milestone reached, onto 420
Merhabalar. Sunucumuz olan "Adventure Time"da film odalarımız-gecelerimiz, oyun alanlarımız(VK, D/C, Gartic), sohbet-muhabbet odalarımız, yayın odalarımız, müzik odalarımız ve daha niceleri bulunmaktadır. İçeride gerçekten sıcak, samimi, eğlenceli bir ortam var
Welcome to lumpy cum. rip bianca
we have a fuck ton of egirls

-Lots of roles to choose from
-Low moderated, we're very laid back
-Make some friends
-Quite active at times
-Really chill

Bots we have
-dank memer
Hey amico hai bisogno di compagnia ? hai bisogno di trovare persone che giochino hai tuoi stessi video giochi ? vuoi cazzeggiare ? vuoi mandare meme e divertirti ? hai bisogno di un gruppo tutto tuo con i tuoi amici a modi server? con vantaggi e stanze private ? beh questo è il server adatto a te ! Entra fai vedere di che pasta sei fatto e crea la tua community!